They probably aren’t what you’re expecting, but they are worth your time.


Reading will be one of the most important habits you have in life (right up there with quality sleep, daily movement and eating right). In fact, I myself get mildly depressed if I don’t get enough time to read in a day.

And when I say books, let me be very clear, I mean non-fiction. Sure, fiction can be fun, but that ain’t it, it’s not what we’re going for. Get your entertainment from your friends, family, TV, traveling, etc.

A Pew study showed that the average for…

I went from a mess to “blessed” inside a decade.

My soulmate and me

Let me paint a picture of me at 25 years old. It’s an ugly image.

I’m an unhealthy slob rolling around in bed until 2pm, living in my parents house. I’m jobless, aimless, careless, useless. I hold a credit score of 520, which surprises me it’s even that high, honestly. My net worth? Lol. Maybe 1k?

When I do have a job it’s merely a pattern of poor paying jobs, that further suck the soul out of me. I’m habitually single and mostly talking to women I have no business…

6 new things for the week of July 26th through August 1st

Will Porada

Well, this week is slightly better than last in terms of amount of content (6 things vs. 5) but still pretty weak. Oh well, you should be out enjoying your summer with your family and friends, amiright?

We have another Disney Premiere (but it’ll cost ya) starring The Rock, as well as original films from Netflix and Amazon. Oh, and of course Shudder is dishing us something…a horror movie about 2 kidnapped boys and the power of friendship.

Your antidote to a week of chaos.

Greg Rosenke

Hard to believe we’re a week from August. While 2020 dragged on and on, 2021 is moving through faster than my girlfriend at a Fritz Bakery sale. And while I myself am a happy home body, I do highly recommend getting out and away before summer is over. We’re headed to Delaware/Maryland beaches next weekend where we’ll spend 90% of our time inside reading, but still, the beach is nearby.

This week we have James Patterson back with another non-fiction covering war vets (so much to learn from our heroes) and Microsoft’s leader…

This week’s theme- using the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

Pruthvi Sagar A R

Look I’m no scientist, but I read a little bit. And this piqued my interest.

The quality of energy is the subject of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It claims that as energy is transported or converted, a greater proportion of it is squandered. The Second Law also holds that each isolated system has a natural tendency to degrade into a more chaotic state.

It’s that second part that we’re interested in.

Basically it’s stating that when people are closed off to new ideas and info, they stagnate. Isolation kills.


A great *free* certification from HubSpot

This is the kind of study guide that will help you even if you’re already in sales. HubSpot is a great resource for those of us who are seasoned as well as the newbies.

Part 1: Inbound Sales Fundamentals

Inbound sales transforms selling to match the way people buy. This lesson covers the big-picture view of why you need an inbound sales strategy.

Most people do not trust sales people. Most sales people haven’t adapted to the modern era. Sales people used to be more necessary to discover info. The internet changed the relationship. …

5 new things for the week of July 19th through July 25th

Mollie Sivaram

Based on the latest weak week, I can only assume the streaming giants think we should be outside enjoying our summer instead of couch dwelling. Which is probably true, so I won’t hold a grudge.

We do have a few great things in this week’s shorthanded lineup. Two documentaries from Disney, two horror movies (thanks Netflix and, of course, Shudder) and a sort of horror from HBO (hi Vince Vaughn). So, yes, lots of horror, but nothing scarier than the 100+ heat index we’ve been pulling lately. …

Your antidote to a week of chaos.

Daniel Wirtz

We’ve hit the summer midpoint, which is either good news or bad news, depending on your heat tolerance. Aside from that though, how’s your reading list coming along? Not so good? Excellent? I’m rooting for the latter because reading is by far my favorite hobby. It’s almost not even fair to call it a hobby. It’s more of an obsession. But, like, a really healthy one.

Anyway, this week we have the story of Dick’s Sporting Goods (I visited when the internet was new to us, they didn’t own it yet, yikes)…

This week’s theme- the art of productivity.

Carl Heyerdahl

Productivity is something we’re all seeking. Many of us stay busy, but find we accomplished little of substance. So, with just 2 questions you’ll see how to create better to-do lists and eliminate procrastination.

What do I need to do? I get specific here. I need to finish 2 of my 6 phishing training videos. I need to do my upper body push/pull workout.

Why do I need to do it? Again, I get specific. I need to complete these videos to obtain my semi-annual certification and keep my day job which supports…

These lessons came after I fell off my new parenting high horse.

Let’s get this out of the way- kids are assholes.

No surprise there since humans can often be assholes. And kids are just little humans who haven’t learned to control themselves. So the asshole nature of humanity flows freely out of them.

A little over a year ago I stepped into a parent role. I never intended to have children, but sometimes the universe has other things in mind. In this case the universe had a 9 and 5 year old in mind. Well, shit.

I stepped into…

Cait Mack

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